What started as an effort to make a healthier version of dark chocolate truffle for her husband (who has a major sweet tooth), has now become a vision- “to break the stigma attached to healthy desserts & sweets”.

And, the woman behind this vision, Mrs. Swati Gupta is no less than an inspiration. With 15 years of experience in baking and making desserts of all kinds, she has led herself on a path of spreading awareness about “healthy eating” with her new venture “Healthy Treats” and her journey is cent percent interesting as well.

While Swati was a health-enthusiast, her husband was an absolute sweet-lover who’d finish a whole chocolate truffle in one go and this really troubled Swati. So, in order to satiate her husband’s sweet tooth and ensure his love for dark chocolate truffle, she started baking its healthier version using whole-wheat flour instead of refined flour and her husband wouldn’t guess the change since it tasted just as yummy. That’s when this concept really kicked-in.

Swati started making rather healthier versions of mouth-watering desserts for her family and kids using no-harm nutritional ingredients like oats, ragi, millet, seasonal fruits & vegetables. She’d use raw-sugar, cane-sugar, brown sugar, jaggery, as a substitute for harmful sugar. Later, her obsession with healthy desserts & sweets grew even more and she took it to next level by taking classes for healthy treats.

Somewhere along the journey, Mrs. Swati realized that the people are really not aware about the healthier versions of their favorite desserts and that they’re equally delectable. They’d pick the unhealthy desserts over the healthier ones any day for the stigma of them not being tasty and as good.

And, that was it. There hasn’t been no looking back, since then. With her new venture “Healthy Treats” Mrs. Swati Gupta aspires to break the stigma attached to “healthy desserts & sweets” and make it a hit concept. Her absolutely delectable range of cakes, cookies, puddings, cupcakes, beverages, popsicles, bars (the list is endless), are already stirring up the taste-buds of those who’ve enjoyed it.